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Art and technology - the new frontier of innovation for your career

It sounds like a magic trick: walk through a roomful of rain and emerge bone dry. Indeed, it’s modern magic at the intersection of avant-garde art and technology in an interactive installation from London-based collective Random International.

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My UL story: what to Expect from a Postgrad in Science & Engineering (Siobhán Curley)

Speak to anyone at the University of Limerick and they'll tell you: it's a close-knit campus. Lecturers and students know one another and without exception, course lecturers, tutors and directors are just an email away – taking the time to liaise with and advise each and every student.

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How the right postgrad in Science & Engineering can transform your career

Ireland used to be the land of saints and scholars; now it’s the land of scientists, tech start-ups and multinationals. The country is a hub for science research and thriving tech-based industries, like medical devices. IT is also growing rapidly and crying out for graduates.

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