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UL’s secret strategy for postgrad career success

What defines employability? It's easy to debate whether it comes down to achievements, skills, connections or even a winning personality. Without a doubt, it’s about having a set of skills and attributes that make you worth employing.

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How to excel with a business postgrad – a guide for future leaders

On The Apprentice, Lord Sugar, an attendee of the ‘University of Life’ routinely schools recent graduates about ‘the real world.’ However, in the ‘real world’, self-made billionaires are few and far between – and the ever-increasing number of graduates has actually heightened employer expectations. 

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My UL Story: What to Expect from a Postgrad in the Kemmy Business School (Emma Pembroke)

Emma Pembroke is a University of Limerick graduate: she undertook a Bachelor of Business Studies, but it wasn't until she began her CoOp (a paid work placement organised for UL students by the university’s Cooperative Education and Careers Division), that she thought, “this isn't entirely for me. I want a more creative job, where I'd be doing something different every single day.”

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