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My UL Story: What to Expect from a Postgrad in the Kemmy Business School (Emma Pembroke)

Emma Pembroke is a University of Limerick graduate: she undertook a Bachelor of Business Studies, but it wasn't until she began her CoOp (a paid work placement organised for UL students by the university’s Cooperative Education and Careers Division), that she thought, “this isn't entirely for me. I want a more creative job, where I'd be doing something different every single day.”

For Emma, the Masters in Marketing, Consumption & Society in the Kemmy Business School was exactly that.

The MSc in Marketing, Consumption & Society is offered by the Department of Management & Marketing within the Kemmy Business School at UL, with a focus on developing an understanding of marketing as a business philosophy, and producing postgraduates who have the ability to critically examine consumer decisions and behaviours, recognising the role marketing plays both in business and in society as a whole.

The career opportunity is worth the cost

“It's one of the best decisions I've ever made,” says Emma. “It challenges you an awful lot – there are assignments we've done that have taken me entirely out of my comfort zone, but it's fantastic. It's creative, very hands-on and there's a great combination of group work and individual work.”

Indeed, the Kemmy Business School (KBS) is one of Ireland's leading business faculties, providing postgraduate courses from Business Management to International Tourism, Project Management and Work & Organisational Psychology, as well as the Corporate MBA, which holds accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA) – a world-recognised accreditation that distinguishes UL's MBA from its counterparts.

Emma says that her decision to undertake a postgraduate Masters in UL was not one she took lightly – finances were a big consideration but, ultimately, she says, “the quality of education you get from UL, you can definitely justify the money you're spending on it.”

She cites the opportunities offered in UL as one of the deciding factors; after all, having undertaken her undergraduate in the same university, Emma knew a bit of what to expect.

“We're doing major collaborations, as part of the MSc, with start-up companies in Ireland,” she says. “We're also doing a project with Adidas Germany, one of the huge opportunities provided within the course.”

Emma hopes to work in New York once she graduates, a hope she has shared with her course director, “and he was saying he can put me in touch with a few people over there. Everyone at UL is really helpful and encouraging – it's like, they're going to gear us up for whatever career we want.”

In fact, across the board, UL boasts a post-graduate employment rate that's 12 percent higher than the national average for Ireland's six universities. The long and short of it is that UL graduates get jobs – which is, after all, what a postgraduate qualification is all about!

Creative and hands-on approach to learning

The MSc in Marketing & Consumption also provides various real-life scenarios and experiences to help students smoothly transition from university life to working life once they graduate. While semester one provided a lot of theory, Emma says the most recent semester includes, “marketing, strategic management, marketing leadership and digital marketing – our lecturers are really equipping us with real-life examples within classes, helping to get us thinking about how we'll apply this in the working world.”

The course content, she says, is not, “fluffy theory from years ago.” Rather, it's, “hands-on, applicable to the working world.”

At KBS, students receive world-class learning in a student-centred business school that places the emphasis firmly on its participants' self-development, through professional development modules, international field trips and emphasis on experiential learning. Meaning that, from graduation, you'll be well equipped to thrive in the real business world.

UL was “absolutely” the university for Emma. “Having done my undergraduate degree here, I knew the standard of education was high. I'd met some of the lecturers from my MSc and I knew they were fantastic – they're very creative and the way they teach is so different. UL was the best choice for me.”

 Why do a postgrad in Kemmy Business School?

UL’s postgraduate courses are developed and reviewed with industry leaders, to make sure our students have the most up-to-date skillsets for up-and-coming careers.

The University boasts exceptional facilities and the highest quality academic standards, all in the vibrant and affordable city of Limerick. Click below to download your eBook, or chat to one of the UL team, and discover why UL is the number one choice for your postgrad and future career.