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A guide to acing your audition or interview

A guide to acing your audition or interview

There are numerous auditions and interviews, which take place for many of our programmes in the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance. Read our guide below to get tips and tricks on how you might combat nerves and prepare for your audition or interview.

Do your preparation to increase your confidence

As the saying goes: “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” and preparation is most definitely the key to success. Having the basic groundwork done and feeling that you have all bases covered will give you confidence when faced with a nerve-wracking audition or interview.

Practical considerations

As the audition or interview will take place virtually due to Covid-19 restrictions, ensure that your PC or device is fully charged and that you can rely on your broadband connection. It is a good idea to find the best audio and visual settings on your device to ensure that your audition or interview panel can see and hear you properly. It is also wise that wherever you decide to do your audition that you are free of distractions and disturbances.

Have a self-care package to hand with essentials such as relevant notes, water and whatever else you may need in an emergency.
This is to ensure that you are not caught out before your audition or interview starts and that you can be as prepared and comfortable as possible before you start the process.

Remember to breath and focus your mind

It is worth downloading one of the numerous meditation apps available and doing a quick 5 to 10 minute meditation the morning of your audition or interview to calm your mind, slow your breathing and focus your thoughts.  

It’s ok to be nervous, nerves are good

As its shows that this occasion and indeed the course means something to you. Use this nervous energy to your advantage and view it is a positive force.

Allow for minor mistakes, no one is perfect!

More often than not it is how you recover and react under pressure that will impress your audition or interview panel the most.

Remember the people assessing you want you to do your best

So bear that in mind if anxiety is getting the better of you. Most of the people auditioning or interviewing you, will have gone through similar processes in their own careers and so can empathise with you.

Remember to be yourself and enjoy the process.

It is important that you be yourself and get your own unique and wonderful personality across. People relate to human stories and authentic personalities so do not be afraid to let your own personality shine. Whatever the outcome it is important that you enjoy the process as you can learn from every experience and build on this for the future.

Finally, best of luck to all those taking part in the audition and interview process!

Please see more information regarding our programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level, which require an audition or interview as an entry requirement.

*Please note that due to Covid-19 restrictions, all auditions and interviews will now take place virtually.