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5-reasons to-stay-on-at -UL-for-postgraduate-study

5 Reasons to stay on at UL for Postgraduate study

Sarah Talty, current postgraduate student

 UL was the only place I wanted to study. Shortly after completing my degree here in Journalism and New Media, I did some work for a marketing agency. I absolutely loved the creativity of it but I wanted to have more knowledge of the field so I came back here to specialise and study for the MSc in Marketing, Consumption and Society.

Here are just some of the reasons why staying at UL was the right choice for me:

Reason #1: Our Fantastic Library

While you’ve been a UL student, you’ll have witnessed some amazing campus investment, including the expansion of our library into one of the most digitally-advanced campus libraries in Europe. As a postgrad, you’ll spend the majority of your time studying and working on assignments and we’re lucky we have such an amazing library to work in. You can finally get access to the Postgrad Only area - the wait is worth it you guys, it’s such a peaceful place to study and you’re almost always guaranteed to find a seat!

Reason #2: Career Contacts and Employability

It’s no surprise to me that UL is ranked 3rd in Europe for career preparation and you can avail of free one-to-one advice from UL’s Careers Service. When I was applying for jobs, I attended appointments with them to help tailor my CV and prepare for mock job interviews. With their help, I have already secured my dream job for next September in a highly sought after marketing graduate programme.

Along with dedicated postgrad workshops, they also have one of the largest Careers Fairs in Ireland. While attending the UL Careers Fair as a postgrad student, I found I was a lot more confident when speaking to employers who have real jobs to offer. It’s a great way to network and make career connections.

Reason #3: Local Knowledge

You already know your way around campus and don’t have to get acquainted with a new area because you’re already part of the campus community. You know where serves the best meal deals, where to get the nicest coffee, and the best and nearest off-campus houses.

The Library’s Plaza Café can always be counted on for a very reasonably priced homemade meal, served with a smile. We’re lucky to have both Costa and Starbucks right on campus when we need a caffeine pickup.

Reason #4: Seamless progression

Continuing at UL means no housekeeping headaches – e.g. no admin around setting up new student accounts on email, library access, student records etc – you’re all set up and ready to hit the ground running. This was one of the nicest things about starting again; I use my same student number as my undergrad and when I was applying I didn’t have to worry about finding my transcript, the Graduate School already had everything on file!

Reason #5: Linked Courses

Postgrad courses allow you to specialise further in your chosen area, or switch up into a new area of interest to you. Your dream job at 18 may not be the same area you would like for a career today and that’s okay! Most of UL’s undergrad degrees have a range of follow-on courses available at postgrad level, either full-time or part-time to suit your needs.

UL’s courses are well -designed, will teach you additional transferable skills, and are highly accredited.  By choosing to return to UL for postgrad, my Masters programme has opened so many doors and provided me with several opportunities and job prospects.

Download the Taught Postgraduate Programmes for 2021-2022