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5 reasons to come back to UL for Postgraduate Study

5 reasons to come back to UL for Postgraduate Study

You completed your undergrad at the University of Limerick, why should you return for postgrad study? 

Education doesn’t stop after you graduate from university. But you probably already figured that out.

Continuous learning ensures that we invest in our personal and professional development, acquiring knowledge and skills that will position us to make the most of future opportunities.

Changing lifestyles and workplaces mean jobs and careers are being transformed at a rapid pace but with that comes opportunity. In the new world of work, our employability as individuals has become even more of a priority. Upskilling is now a significant factor as many of us consider the future of our current roles.

Future proof your career with a postgrad

Undertaking a postgraduate programme is one way in which today’s professionals are future-proofing themselves for a constantly evolving jobs market. People choose postgraduate study for a variety of reasons. You might want to further your career prospects, change career direction, enter a profession that requires a specific qualification or perhaps you want to pursue your passion to further specialise in a particular subject. 

With so many further study options available at UL, there has never been a better time to take your career ambitions to the next level and maximise your potential. When considering postgraduate study, there are various important decisions to consider, and choosing to come back to UL should be right up there with them!

Here’s at least 5 reasons why our valued graduates should consider returning for #PostgradAtUL:

Reason#1: An Award-Winning Alma Mater

Since you’ve graduated, UL has twice been voted The Sunday Times University of Year, most recently in 2019. We now rank within the Top 75 universities in Europe for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

UL has also won several other accolades, including the enviable title of Best Student Campus for the last two years – and it’s obvious why…. with world-class facilities on a unique campus, UL provides a modern, dynamic learning environment.

Reason #2: First for modern learning facilities

Facilities at UL are second to none and many are unique in Ireland. Recent investment has seen the Glucksman library expand into one of the most digitally- advanced campus libraries in Europe with a dedicated Postgrad-Only area. The library is now home to the ‘ARC’ – an automated storage and retrieval system, the only one of its kind in any UK or Irish library.

Through significant campus-wide development, we aim to create the best possible teaching and learning environment, giving you the support and resources you need to achieve your professional ambitions. Today’s UL students have access to cutting-edge technology like the Wall Street-style Trading Floor in the Business School, industry-standard multimedia studios, state-of-the-art clinical labs, moot courts, patient simulation suites and Ireland’s only academic flight simulator.

Reason #3: First for graduate employment

UL’s graduate employment rate has always been consistently higher than the national average for over ten years. That means that our employability reputation is already built into your degree. We’ll give you the opportunity to further expand the network of professional contacts you’ve already established and make many more new connections.

UL has the largest Career Fair in Ireland and we're widely recognised for our outstanding engagement with employers. Sustained demand for our esteemed graduates is solid proof of that.

Reason #4: First for career support

UL Careers Service provides an extensive series of tailored workshops, events and services which facilitate career planning and development for all taught and research postgraduates. As a UL student, you’ll also have access to CareersConnect  - a collaborative platform that enables students, graduates and employers to engage with our services including Events, Appointments and Job Opportunities. It’s no wonder we’re ranked 3rd in Europe for career preparation.

Reason #5: First for professional, flexible programmes

UL has a wide range of professional, career-focussed programmes, many of which are recognised by key professional bodies. Objective evaluation and approval by industry experts will give you the guarantee that our programmes will meet the best standards worldwide. We strive to develop and design programmes that facilitate flexible learning so that you can advance your skills while you work.

Many programmes are now also fully available online. As a graduate of an accredited programme, employers around the globe will recognise the high standard of knowledge and skills that you have attained.

Time to come back to UL

Many of your UL memories are behind you, but we can also be part of a future for you that’s filled with new possibilities. It's never too soon to start thinking about your next move. Whatever type of postgraduate course you want to pursue, UL will have a programme to suit you and a mode of delivery to match.

To find out more, browse our postgraduate blog for even more insight into further study at UL. And if you need five more reasons discover why former alumni Sarah Talty came back to do a postgrad in UL.

Make that leap and invest in your future self. Trust us with your next chapter - choosing UL again could be your next best decision